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It's Your Photo!

ProPic was designed from the ground up for photographers, creative professionals, artists, celebrities and anyone who wants to maintain full ownership and copyright to the photos they post online.

Our Terms of Service clearly states that you keep full ownership of your photos. Select a creative commons license to share with the world, or lock photos down with a full copyright notice. You can even block Pinterest and right-click saving.

Market yourself,
not a social network!

As a professional photographer, you’re your own brand! Market yourself, not a social network. Your photos should be treated like they're in a gallery, not on a social blog page. We minimize the clutter to feature your creative work, and we don't add ugly advertisements.

A pro photo gallery can be easy to use.

Using ProPic to upload photos is as easy as dragging your photo onto our upload page. You can upload photos from your computer, iPhone, Windows Phone, mobile device or email. Post directly from many popular photography editors, mobile photo apps, the web and Twitter applications.

Share on your terms

Do you want to use social networks to market your photos, but don't want to lose rights to your images? If so ProPic is your answer. We allow you to control your images while allowing you to embed them on the major social networking sites. Easily share your photos, galleries or events online, and with popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Or keep them private for clients only.

Professional Tools

Events Gallery

Use our patent pending event system. For example, a photographer can generate and share a ProPic event code with attendees of a large wedding, sporting or news event. Everyone at the event can use the code to email, post or upload photos to a community gallery which can be moderated by the creator.

Photo Gallery

Use our "endless" photo gallery system to draw in clients and visitors to view an entire photo collection. Users can like, share, or comment on a photo and clients can mark their favorites. You can also create a private password protected gallery to be only be accessible by authorized viewers.

Lightbox Collection

A lightbox gallery allows a ProPic member to compile a custom collection of photos from any ProPic member's public photos. You can make the lightbox gallery public or password protected. This is useful to collect and share a grouping of your favorite photos with friends or clients.

Friends Gallery

A social photostream for photographers. Our Friends Gallery, allows members to follow their favorite photographers. Your custom friends gallery will show a collection of all your favorite photographers work and the gallery will automatically update every time they post a new photo.

Private Invite

To help scale our service, and keep the quality high, we're limiting membership (for now). We designed the service for professional creative artists, so you need to ask a member for an invite to join.

EXIF & IPTC editing

EXIF & IPTC: ProPic reads embedded EXIF and IPTC data from popular photo editors like Adobe Lightroom and Aperture. Tags created in Lightroom will be imported and displayed as a searchable keyword in your gallery.

Ratings, Comments and Likes

Members can like, comment or give a 1 to 5 star rating to any photograph. This allows friends and clients to quickly provide feedback to the photographer and others viewing the gallery.